Guinea Pig Treats for Your Little One: What’s Good and What’s Not?

Your pocket pet likes to eat just like you! But unlike humans, they practically live to eat and they will munch on whatever it is you give them. The voracious appetite of your tiny guinea pig is a sign of its happy, healthy and little cavy life. They are easy to please because they enjoy any type of food but that doesn’t mean you can throw anything to them. Before you let them gnaw on their guinea pig treats, read on to know which is good for your tiny furry friend.

Guinea Pig Treats

The Basic Guinea Pig Diet

Guinea pig can live with just water, guinea pig pellets and grass hay. Yes, it is very easy to feed them and keep them alive. But you don’t want your beloved pet eating just that three all his life when you are enjoying on several types of food in a day.


Like humans, guinea pigs drink a lot of water and it is very essential to their health. Fresh water is a priority in their diet since most of their diet staples are mostly dry-say pellets and grains so he should have an access to clean water 24/7. (more…)

Gerbil Toys and Wheels

These aggressive but entertaining animals require toys for entertainment. Suffice it to say that the best gerbil toys and wheels must be safe. Gerbils like poking their heads into holes. Therefore, make sure that the items provided to your gerbil that have holes should not cause them to stick on the holes. Moreover, ensuring that your gerbil does not split chunks of sharp plastics or other objects and swallow them. It is very advisable to get rid of plastic toys that your gerbil can chew.

Due to the chewing habit of gerbils, there are very many materials that can be dangerous to their health. Getting rid of such material is very necessary. It is advisable to ensure that the gerbil just shreds the cardboard and does not chew it otherwise you will be forced to remove the cardboard. Moreover, you should ensure that there are no strings that can trap the gerbil’s tail, legs or even toes.

Gerbil Toys and Wheels

Exercise Wheels

Safety of the wheel on your gerbil is the first key thing that you should consider. The wheel should not have open wires that can tear, break or get the tail caught in between the wheel. There are various wheel options that you can consider. You can make use of a wire hamster or a specially designed for a gerbil. If you choose to use a wire hamster, you will have to make several changes so that the wheel can be absolutely safe for your pet. The entire outer side of the wheel should be covered with heavy masking tape.

Then on the inner sticky side, spread a thin layer of gerbil substrate so that the animal does not get stuck on the wheel. Moreover, you can cover the external side of the wheel with a material that is not dangerous to the gerbil especially when chewed and swallowed. You can opt to use cardboard or any other material. This material should then be held in place with masking tape. However, you will be needed to keep on repairing the wheel because the gerbil keeps on chewing the material on the outside. Once this is done, mount the wheel on a wire on the side of the cage and allow it to hang in the cage for gerbil.


They are an excellent choice for the exercise of your gerbil. When you provide them to the pet, ensure that you give them time to adjust because some of them will be cautious about the items provided to them until they get used to it. If you have a frightened pet, you do not need to force it to play with the ball. Just leave it on the inside of the cage. The pet will then grow curious and with time, it will investigate the ball and learn to use it. You can also encourage them a pet to play with the ball by providing a few treats. Make sure that you supervisee the gerbil when playing with the ball. A maximum of 15 minutes should be okay as you watch for signs of overheating. Once it is done, clean the ball for it to be ready for use next time. (more…)