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Patterson Trained Animal Circus

James C. Patterson Family
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Ota - Junior - James C. Patterson
Patterson Circus
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Patterson Circus Clown Bob Nelson
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Bob Nelson and Friend
1923 circus performers
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Patterson Circus Performers 1923



In the late 1890s James Patterson began his show business career as a carnival operator, Patterson owned the "Great Patterson Shows". In 1912 Patterson operated "Patterson's Jungleland", which seems to have been more of a sideshow than a circus. Then in 1916 Patterson purchased the Gollmar Brothers Circus and toured as the show as "Gollmar Bros.-Jas. Patterson Circus", however only for the 1817 season.

In 1918 James went back to operating the "Great Patterson Shows" as a carnival, then in the early 1920s began touring a circus as the Patterson's Trained Animal Show. In 1925 he purchased the "Gentry Brothers Famous Shows" which he combined with his Patterson's Trained Animal Show.


Elephant Modock Patterson Circus 1922
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Esma Wilson with Elephant Modock

Patterson Circus Sideshow
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Patterson Sideshow
Patterson Circus Victor
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Etta Levern with Victor
Aerial Clarks on Patterson Circus
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The Aerial Clarks

Patterson Circus on lot
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Patterson Trained Animal Circus 1922


Patterson Circus Band 1922
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The Patterson Circus Band


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James C. Patterson Circus
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James C. Patterson 1922
James Patterson Junior
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Junior Patterson
James C. Patterson and circus performers
James C. Patterson and Performers
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