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Kenneth Feld

Kenneth Feld

1948 -


From: The Feld Entertainment web site

Having worked in all aspects of production since joining the company in 1970, Kenneth Feld was steeped in the circus business and primed to pick up where his father left off. After Irvin Feld's death in 1984, Kenneth would not only uphold the legacy his father had created, he would expand it, glorify it and perfect it in the entrepreneurial tradition that Irvin had started. After all, Kenneth had the same Feld fervor but visions of his own to bring to fruition. With the circus as the hub, the gem of his jewel case, Kenneth set out to build and ultimately create the live action empire of enterprises we know today as Feld Entertainment.

Together, Irvin and Kenneth had seen the promise of adding the Ice Follies and Holiday On Ice to their operation in 1980. Having revitalized the lackluster ice show, they created a new and dazzling lure for audiences to enjoy. Another success had been wrought by the Feld duo. But for Kenneth, this was no place to rest. He had his eye on the big brass ring. And it had mouse ears attached to it. Kenneth pursued the attention of Disney in hopes of obtaining worldwide rights for the use of their much-loved personalities in arena shows. In 1981, when Walt Disney's World On Ice became a Feld Entertainment reality, Kenneth's instincts hit paydirt and his kingdom became an even more enchanted place. Because along the way, a new genre of entertainment had been born. The first full-length story on ice had been told. Thirty Disney On Ice shows later, the popularity of these fanciful tales lives on.

In July 2006, he was inducted into the International Circus Hall of Fame.



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