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Johnny Walker


Johnny Walker


From: The Walker Bros Circus web site

John Walker, Jr. sits at the helm of Walker International Events, Inc. and he comes by his position through 4 generations of dedication, perseverance and plain old elbow grease. He grew up in the circus business, under the watchful eye of his parents, John and Alice Walker.

As a youngster John learned all there was to know about the business of circus. He has been both exotic animal trainer and performer for some of the most renowned animal acts in show business today. He has trained everything from a llama to a lion and is still regarded as one of the industries foremost elephant trainers. All of his now grown children, have grown up to be successful performers in their own right. Each one makes their mark in their own special way, never veering far from what their father has taught them.

John "learned the ropes" regarding the "front end" of the business, by learning next to some of the most successful merchandisers in circus history. With his expertise, combined with that of his very capable partner, Catia Meluzzi, Walker International Events, Inc. brings to each community its own brand of history and accomplishment. All of this combined history and hard work comes together in a 90 minute shining spectacle that is the brand of Walker International Events, Inc.




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