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Irvin Feld

Irvin Feld

May 9 1918 - Sept. 6 1984


From: The Feld Entertainment web site


When Irvin Feld emerged in the 50's to fulfill his destiny as "The Greatest Showman on Earth,"it was as if he had arrived solely to give the circus a new lease on life. From the clutches of obsolescence, he took the run-down production and nurtured it back to health for the benefit of generations to come. Irvin saw the declining show was in dire need of rejuvenation to compete in the marketplace and he had just the prescription to resuscitate it. A rock and roll promoter with bigger-than-life dreams and a tireless fervor to fuel them, Irvin Feld used his entrepreneurial savvy to enable the show to tour year-round and continually draw crowds. Soon Mr. Feld owned the circus in every way but on paper. With his purchase of Ringling Bros. and Barnum &Bailey in 1967, Irvin could finally unleash the inspiration that would transform the production into the lavish spectacle he envisioned. Now the world would know a circus so timeless that families would be able to experience the thrill of wonderment one generation after another. In addition to creating a second and equally outstanding touring unit, Irvin Feld's innovations included television specials, national ad campaigns and creative public relations. With these efforts and the many that followed, Irvin catapulted Ringling Bros. back to its rightful place as America's premier entertainment experience. Thanks to Feld Entertainment, The Greatest Show On Earth now has the proud distinction of being the only source of live family entertainment to have performed nonstop in three centuries!



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