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Hendricks Bros. Circus

Hendticks Bros Circus
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Hendricks Bros Circus


The Hendricks Bros. Circus, was a small European style one ring circus owned by former carnival owner and amusement ride manufacturer Bob Childress. The show toured through the eastern United States.

After over thirty successful years in the carnival business, Childress decided to go into the circus business. In 1994 Bob opened the "Hendricks Bros Circus", using his middle name as the title.

Using knowledge he acquired from his many years in the outdoor show business industry, Bob built the circus from the ground up at his winter quarters in Easley, South Carolina. He bought tents, trucks, animals and an elephant, hired performers and key personnel. In the spring of 1994, the Hendricks Bros. Circus was underway.

The circus featured many animal acts, including trained camels, llamas, and a "Big and Little" act trained by John Herriott. The show carried three tigers and had a petty zoo on the midway.

In 2006 Bob Childress sold the Hendricks Bros. Circus and soon after opened a new circus, for information on this show please click this link: Lewis and Clark Circus.

For information on the circus owner, please click here: Bob Childress.


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Hendricks Bros Circus big top on lot
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