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Circus Owner Frank McClosky

Frank McClosky

April 19 1907 - Nov. 8 1979


Frank McClosky
Frank McClosky in the movie The Greatest Show on Earth
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Frank Mclosky in the movie
The Greatest show on Earth

Frank McClosky was born in Monson, Mass. His first job in his hometown was delivering the Worchester Gazette and after that a store clerk. Wanting to get out into the world and see new things Frank joined the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. He took the only job available, that of a prop man and rigger for aerial acts. He became Lillian Leitzel's personal rigger (one of the greatest aerialist off all time). He was with Leitzel when she fell to her death in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1931. Previously had been superintendant of Alfredo Codona's circus in Mexico (Codona was Leitzel's husband.

He returned to the Ringling show and held various positions, he then left to manage the Russell Bros Circus.

He returned to Ringling in 1944 as manager and became general manager of the organization in 1952. In 1954 he and John Ringling North had a dispute and he resigned his position.

He and his associates Jerry Collins, Walter Kernan and Randolph Calhoun purchased the Clyde Beatty circus and combined the tittle Clyde Beatty and Cole Bros.

The partners later acquired the Sells and Gray and King Bros. Circus.

Frank McClosky, Roger Boyd and Red Skelton
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Roger Boyd, Red Skelton,
Frank McClosky


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