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Christy Bros Circus


Christy Bros Circus

Christy Bros Circus tent
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Christy Bros Circus circus wagon
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George Washington Christy was born February 22 1889 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania to parents John and Ida Christy.

The circus opened in 1919 under the title of  "Christy Hippodrome Shows" (later changed to Christy Bros. Circus). The show opened as a two car show, Christy purchased many of his parade wagons from the Ringling Bros. after they discontinued their downtown parades. The circus wintered first in Galveston, Texas and then in South Houston, where Christy had built a home.

On May 25, the show's trained wrecked just outside of Cardston Alberta, Canada.. G.W. Christy, being the showman that he was set up in a cornfield near the wreck and gave a performance while the rails were being cleared.

In 1925 and 1926, Christy operated a second unit named "Lee Bros.", but closed it after the the 1926 season.

The "Great Depression" beginning 1n 1929, was a difficult time for all shows on the road. The Christy Bros. Circus was no exception, not only was the economy in bad shape but weather was also a major factor. Christy and his loyal employees struggled to keep the circus on the road. On July 7, 1930 the Christy Brothers Circus gave it's last performance in Greeley, Colorado.

After the close of the show, most of the equipment was sold in 1935 to Jess Adkins and Zack Terrell, who were framing their Cole Bros. Circus, some of the parade wagons went to the "Ken Mayner Circus.

Christy kept his elephants and horses, the elephants were used to help build Spencer Highway in South Houston, Texas.

After leaving the circus world George Christy became mayor of the City of South Houston serving from 1949 to 1951 and again from 1960 to 1964.

George Washington Christy died August 07, 1975 in Houston Texas.


Christy Bros. Circus 1929
Christy Bros. Circus Torrington, Connecticut 1929
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Christy Bros Circus calliope
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Early generator light plant Christy Bros Circus
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